SÁÁ — the leading provider of detoxification and treatment in Iceland

SÁÁ is an NGO that operates a detoxification clinic and four inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers as well as a center for family services and a social center in Iceland.

SÁÁ is the leading provider of addiction treatment and addiction medicine services in Iceland and an integrated part of the national health care system.

SÁÁ services are delivered by a staff of experienced medical doctors, psychologists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed counselors.

Detoxification and treatment at SÁÁ-facilities is readily available to the Icelandic public. Our exhaustive database tells us that we have already given treatment for substance use disorders to 10,6% of the country’s current population of men (15 years or older) and 4,5% of its current population of women (15 years or older).

Because of the easy and low-cost availability of our services, we estimate that about 50% of all those afflicted by substance use disorders in the country of Iceland have already received treatment at SÁÁ facilities.

In October of this year SÁÁ will celebrate its 40th anniversary by holding an international conference on addiction medicine from October 2nd-4th, honoring our founders and our history, our collaborative efforts with scientists, institutions and universities from all over the world and, last but not least, the progress made in addiction medicine in recent years and evidence based methods for treating substance use disorders.

The President of Iceland, Gudni Th. Johannesson will be an honorary speaker and patron of this conference.

Below is a gallery with pictures showing the SÁÁ facilities, including Vik in the Reykjavik suburb of Kjalarnes where a new treatment center is being built that will open in the autumn of 2017. The first two pictures below left show Vogur Detoxification Hospital, SÁÁ’s leading facility where there are 2.200 patients admitted for detoxification annually. About two thirds of those admitted go on to further treatment at SÁÁ inpatient and outpatient centers.