Addiction Treatment in Iceland

A chapter on Addiction Treatment in Iceland, written by Ingunn Hansdóttir, Valgerður Á. Rúnarsdóttir and Thorarinn Tyrfingsson for Textbook of Addiction Treatment: International Perspectives, by Nady el-Guebaly, Giuseppe Carrà and Marc Galanter (Editors)

Below is the chapter abstract, followed by an embedded pdf-file of the chapter text, as submitted for publishing:

This chapter aims to present various facets of addiction-related problems in Iceland and the unique features of Icelandic society that have molded the attitudes and ways of dealing with these problems. Although Iceland is geographically isolated, it has seen changes in drug use following international trends. Due to the small size of the population and its centralized health care, Iceland is in a unique position to follow such trends and monitor the course of those treated for addiction. These trends in drug use as well as epidemiological information and social policy issues are discussed. The development of addiction treatment services in Iceland is also reviewed with special emphasis on social aspects of treatment, such as high availability of treatment and the equality of access to health care. These aspects have yielded a smaller treatment gap in Iceland than in many other countries. In addition inpatient treatment services in follow-up care have been preserved within the addiction treatment system, complementing a comprehensive treatment model of addiction with a view of addiction as a chronic disease. These features are discussed in order to highlight their importance and contribution to effective clinical practices.