Operations and Financing of SÁÁ


Free of charge

Patients can undergo detoxification and inpatient program at Vogur hospital free of charge. The main health care policy in Iceland has been that all citizen should benefit from equal access to health services, and these services be rendered to those who need inpatient treatment free of charge. SAA hospital services, i.e. detoxification and inpatient treatments are therefore available to all Icelandic citizens for free.

Charged for food and lodging expenses

Due to changes is national policy in recent years patients are now charged a fee for participation in the treatment program and consultation in the outpatient ward and they are charged a fee for food and lodging expenses at the treatment center Vik. Friends and relatives must also bear a part of the cost of consultation services in the outpatient ward. The amount paid by the patients and their friends and families is in fact only a relatively small portion of the overall cost of running these programs.

Icelandic National Health Servic

SAA constitutes an integral part of the Icelandic National Health Service in spite of the fact that it is an NGO. The Icelandic state contributes roughly 60% of the organization´s annual funds. About 20% of costs are covered by the fees paid by patients and their friends and families. The remaining 20% of SAA’s operating budget is covered by private contributions raised by SAA. These orivate contributions from individuals and businesses raised by SAA to cover the costs of treatment and services to the patients of SAA and their families make up a sum of 2,6 billion ISK (approx. 20 million US dollars) during the period from 1996 to 2014.