Outpatient Services

Reykjavik Outpatient Unit
Efstaleiti 7
103 Reykjavík
tel. 00354-5307600,
fax 00354-5307601

For some patients it is sufficient to attend interviews and group therapy in outpatients units, especially if they have participated in the treatment program previously. Thousands of SAA clients have made use of this option. Outpatient units can, under special circumstances, replace traditional treatment programs where the patients stays in an institution for the course of the program. But in most instances a stay in an outpatient ward without other treatment measures is out of the question because of the social circumstances or the medical condition of the patient. In such circumstances the outpatient ward is necessary to ensure the success of the treatment program and patients who are treated at an outpatient ward after treatment are twice as likely to abstain from addictive substances. It is therefore necessary that most of these patients have a ready access to outpatient treatment over a period no shorter than three months after completing the treatment program. This arrangement has been highly successful and has helped SAA to cut enormous costs.

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