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The Early Years

Following the founding of SAA in November of 1977, an office and a service center were opened. The office and service center cooperated closely with the alcoholic unit of The Reykjavík Health Center which is run by the city of Reykjavík. All services for alcoholics and their friends and relatives were rendered by six employees. At first, the bulk of the services consisted in disseminating information and assisting those who were about to seek treatment abroad. In addition to these activities, the founding of a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug abusers was in preparation.

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The Advent of SAA and the First Years

The events leading to the founding of SAA began when a number of Icelanders sought treatment for alcohol abuse in the United States. The Icelanders returned full of hope and inspiration and founded SAA in 1978. The trips to America became a regular feature late in 1975 when the first Icelandic alcoholics were admitted to the Freeport Hospital in New York. Yet four Icelanders had been admitted to the institution previously. That was in 1975 and in 1976.

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