SAA -National Center of Addiction Medicine

SAA -National Center of Addiction Medicine was founded in October 1977. SAA runs a hospital and a detoxification clinic, Vogur, two outpatient units, two treatment clinics and a social center. Around one hundred people are employed by SAA. SAA’s annual budget is around 1.300 million Icelandic kronur (approx. USD 10,0 million).

SAA is responsible for the bulk of all alcohol and drug abuse treatment in Iceland

2.000 patients

Every year around 2.000 individuals are admitted to treatment clinics for alcohol and drug addicts in Iceland in addition to those seeking help in outpatient units. The needs of these patients are evaluated at The Vogur Hospital and Detoxification Clinic. Those seeking help are then directed to the appropriate treatment venues. Thus around 70% go on to further treatment offered by SAA after their stayt at Vogur Hospital, either at the two SAA Rehabilitation Clinics, at Vik and Stadarfell or at SAA outpatient units.