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Vik Treatment Center


Vik Treatment Center

162 Kjalarnes
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About Vik

In 1978 and until the beginning of 1979 it was a common occurrence that patients would go abroad for further treatment at the Freeport Clinic in New York after undergoing detoxification and initial treatment at the SAA clinic in Reykjadal or at Silungapollur. In addition a number of patients would go to the National Hospital Unit at Vifilstadir for continuing treatment.

This was an inconvenient arrangement and early on SAA starting drafting plans for its own rehabilitation center. In August 1978 a new rehabilitation center was put into operation by SAA at Sogn which is situated 40 kilometers outside of Reykjavík. The operation stayed at that location until 1991.

In December 1991 the operation moved to a new location at Vik in Kjalarnes. When it became apparent that SAA would be forced to suspend activities at the rehabilitation center at Sogn, a long search for a suitable location for the operation was begun. When the search proved fruitless in spite of persistent endeavors by SAA the only remaining solution was to build a new center. A site for the operation was purchased from the City of Reykjavik, a part of an estate named Saltvik which in turn is a part of a property named Kjalarnes. A building commission was established in November 1990 and after the board of SAA had given the plans their approval, the project was declared open to bids from contractors on the 5th of March 1991. Ground was broken on the 27th of April but the contractor completed the project on the 20th of November 1991. The house was made fully functional and put into operation on the 17th of December 1991.

A special treatment program for women was started at Vik in 1995. Currently women are about 75% of all patients undergoing treatment at Vik. Approximately 25% are men, all of them aged 55 years or more.